Curiculum Vitae

/Alaina’s ‘course of life’

Third Career
2023 - PRESENT

Founder of Juxtaposition Consulting

Roundup, MT

Alaina and her family relocated to Montana at the end of 2022 and life is different here. As the world grapples to define the post-COVID era, Alaina is seeking to expand her positive impact as widely as possible. She is determined to apply her skills toward meaningful cultural change characterized by respect and wonderment toward both our fellow individual humans and our shared experience of reality. With Juxtaposition Consulting, Alaina is using her professional experience and expertise to directly empower people with unique perspectives and promote their optimal participation in reality. She seeks especially to partner with organizations that provide life-changing opportunities to individuals; that support the autonomy and well-being of localized communities; or that facilitate revolutionary research outside the confines of traditional academia.

Second Career
2016 - PRESENT

Grants & Data Supervisor

Sacramento, CA / Post Falls, ID

In 2016, Alaina re-joined the MSRI staff working from home for a brief six-month contract, which led to another full-time position in 2017 as the Institute's Grants & Data Specialist. The remote work enabled Alaina and her family to relocate to Idaho in 2018. As the Grants & Data Specialist, Alaina revitalized the Institute’s ability to report on measurable program outcomes. She streamlined MSRI’s data collection and analysis processes, determining new ways to leverage data in proposals and reports to illustrate the full impact of the Institute’s programming and to increase funding success. In 2019, Alaina earned promotion to the position of Grants & Data Supervisor. In this role, she coordinated the massive undertaking required to prepare MSRI’s (successful) five-year $25-million core grant proposal to the National Science Foundation. Later, following the disruptions caused by COVID-19, Alaina successfully managed the complex web of reporting consequences resulting from various event cancellations, as well as the transition from in-person to online events. Alaina’s high responsiveness under these rapidly changing circumstances has been her greatest asset. Alaina continues to serve in this capacity for the Institute, which, as of the 2022-23 academic year, is now officially known as SLMath.

Program Assistant & Project Coordinator

Berkeley / Sacramento, CA

At the end of 2011, Alaina joined the staff at the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute (MSRI) where a part-time temporary assignment morphed into a long-term professional relationship. When Alaina completed her transition away from theatre in 2013 she joined MSRI full-time as the Assistant for Scientific Activities. In this position, Alaina played an integral role in the organization, planning, logistics, and evaluation of MSRI’s scientific research programs and other activities. In 2015, Alaina left MSRI (for a while) and relocated to Sacramento, CA. Alaina joined the architecture firm Lionakis as one of three Project Coordinators, but within weeks both colleagues had moved on to other opportunities. Alaina rose to the challenge of 'figuring it out' and earned the full trust and reliance of the architects, as well as a promotion to Senior Project Coordinator within a year.

2011 - 2017
First Career
2005 - 2013

Theatrical Technician & Stage Manager

SF Bay Area, CA

Alaina began working as a spotlight operator for the Willows Theatre Company to pay for acting summer camp, but soon discovered she preferred being backstage to being onstage. She worked her way to the position of Deck Manager, responsible for overseeing all backstage operations. During this time Alaina also began working professionally as a non-union stage manager, overseeing the West Coast premier of the bloody and immersive cult hit, Evil Dead: the Musical, among others. Alaina also spent three years as part of the backstage team at Berkeley Repertory Theatre, where she had the honor of working alongside many cultural and creative luminaries.


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