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Alaina Drake has more than 13 years of professional experience in non-profit research administration, project coordination, and grant writing. Her unconventional career trajectory has given her a unique perspective and a direct, insightful approach to new challenges. Since 2011, she has been a returning staff member of the National Science Foundation-funded Mathematical Sciences Research Institute (now known as SLMath), where she currently serves as the Grants & Data Supervisor. She has secured over $34 million in federal and private grant funding in her career.

Due to the changing culture in the wake of COVID-19, Alaina feels called to expand her professional services beyond the bounds of a single institution. She seeks to partner with organizations providing life-changing opportunities to individuals; supporting the autonomy and well-being of localized communities; and/or facilitating revolutionary research outside the confines of traditional academia.

To discuss how Alaina and Juxtaposition Consulting can become partners in your mission, email info[at]JuxtapositionConsulting.com

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