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Juxtaposition Consulting offers funding research and grant writing services to eligible clients. To discuss how Juxtaposition Consulting can help accelerate your mission, email info[at]


A Project Prospectus is a concise, visually appealing, high-level overview and introduction to your project. A one-page Prospectus is a great way to introduce your project or program during funder outreach, so your discussions with funders are more productive.


A Funding Strategy lays out our recommendations for the top 3-8 funding opportunities to pursue over the next 12 months, according to your project needs. We do our best to determine the level of competition for each prospect, ensuring your time and effort are not wasted pursuing grants with little chance of reward.


We can work with you to pursue the action plan laid out in your Funding Strategy. We will research grant application requirements, prepare a budget and other materials, write the grant narrative, and guide you through submission for a stress-less proposal process!

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